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Headbands, crowns, tiaras

Perfect accessories for princesses, queens, empresses, and other rulers of their own world. Become one of them and choose a crown that will reflect your taste and personality. Are you dreaming of a crown to wear every day? A headband is your perfect choice. It will lighten up your face and elevate every outfit, from the casual t-shirt and jeans to a luxury wedding gown.

Statement combs

If you like to spice up your style with some retro vibes, but feel perfectly modern at heart, a decorative comb will give you the best of both worlds. You can wear a comb on its own, in a set, in an updo, or adorn your locks loose. Which one would you go for - classic pearls, subtle leafy motifs, or avant-garde chains?

Hair pins

Hair pins give you endless ways to style your hair. You can adorn a bun or braid, pin stray hair in place, hold spectacular Hollywood waves or highlight untamed curls. Pick your favourite style: statement barrette, set of small accents, or attention-grabbing chain on a single pin.

All day, every day necklaces