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About me

Youkali is an artisanal brand of hair accessories and jewelry, combining metropolitan chic with classic elegance. It is dedicated to those who manifest sophisticated taste anytime and anywhere, not just on their wedding day.

Image by Shifaaz shamoon


I'm so glad you're here. Let me introduce myself – my name is Kasia and Youkali is my little work of art, created just for you.

I started Youkali to offer contemporary, unique, high quality hair accessories to modern brides. I want them to be worn not just on the wedding day, but also many days and occasions afterwards. I'm inspired by urban architecture and culture, which results in modern yet feminine pieces dedicated to a chic citizen of the world and princess at heart. Gdynia, my home town, is an endless source of visions and inspiration, which impacted my signature vegan pearl collection.

Each hair accessory or jewelry piece you buy from Youkali has been designed and made by me personally. By choosing to buy from my store, you support sustainable fashion and small, independent business. Thank you so much!

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