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Handmade necklaces by Youkali are a synonym of elegance and quality. Each element is carefully designed and made in Poland, which ensures uniqueness and attention to detail. We use stainless steel components, vegan pearls, and other hypoallergneic materials to provide you both with comfort and luxurious look.

Our jewelry is inspired by architecture and atmosphere of most renown cities around the world. Sophisticated lines, geometric shapes, and original motifs are combined in pieces that aren't just an aesthetic object, but a pure style manifesto. These exclusive accessories look stunning when paired with other items by Youkali, such as earrings, bracelets or hair accessories. Mix and match different designs to compose your own signature sets.

By choosing a necklace from Youkali, you invest in a high quality product that will give your look not just exceptional glam, but also unique character. Enjoy the elegance and comfort encapsulated by Youkali jewelry!