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Meet your soon-to-be favorite headband from the Berlin collection – a unique blend of modern vibe and Berlin's surprising character. This striking piece is adorned with natural undyed howlite beads in varying sizes (6, 8, 10mm). These beads have a gorgeous off-white shade peppered with marble-like steel-grey veins. The overall design, reminiscent of Berlin itself, marries classic retro elegance with a geometric Bauhaus-inspired structure, making it feel like you're donning a piece of modern art on your head!

Concerned about comfort? Rest easy. The beads are meticulously set on a flexible metal base that molds perfectly to your head shape, ensuring maximum comfort all day long. Its design not only ensures it stays put without sliding off but is also gentle on the scalp, ensuring no pinching or hair-pulling.

Whether it's for jazzing up a casual jeans and tee day or adding a finishing touch to your sophisticated date night ensemble, this Berlin howlite headband elevates your look effortlessly. Just slide it on, and watch as it turns heads!

White howlite statement headband

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