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Regardless of whether you value the beauty, traditional symbolism, or unique, eye-catching luster of stones - it's important to choose the one that truly captures your heart. Howlite, known for its white color with grey veining, has a relatively more recent history compared to many other gemstones, but it still carries a range of symbolic meanings and associations. In the realm of metaphysical beliefs, white howlite is often associated with calming energies. It is believed to help soothe an overactive mind and to aid in meditation and relaxation.

You have not only a choice of metal color – captivating cool silver or warm gold – but also a choice of one of six stones; amethyst, onyx, aventurine, howlite, rose quartz, or hematite. You can also choose one of four pendants - a new moon or full moon, a star, or the infinity symbol. This means you have 48 combinations at your disposal!

This necklace is the embodiment of witchy chic - you can be the most stylish witch while also supporting a Polish artisan!

White howlite full moon necklace

  • You can return your item within 30 days from receiving the purchase. The returned item must not be worn and must be packaged in the original signature box.

    The shipping cost is covered by the customer. 

    Personalised or customised orders can't be returned.