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Youkali handmade earrings are an exceptional blend of quality, style, and uniqueness. Made from stainless steel components, vegan pearls and other hypoallergenic materials, they ensure not only an aesthetic result, but also comfort and care for your skin. The whole design and creation process takes place in Poland, which results in great attention to detail and high production ethics. 

Our designs arę inspired by architecture and culture of iconic cities around the world. By wearing Youkali, you take your wardrobe to a fashion trip, no matter where you are. The earrings match with other items in the collection, so you can go for unusual yet consistent sets with bracelets, necklaces or hair accessories.

Elevate your style and give it some extra glow with a variety of designs available in our collection. Manifest your sophisticated taste by investing in high quality, ethically made jewelry that will enhance all outfits, from everyday basics to wedding.

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