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Introducing a more refined and luminous version of our classic - the white howlite stud earrings. An elegant stainless steel base beautifully contrasts with the serene hues of the white howlite beads. These earrings feature a cascade of chains in diverse diameters and designs, effortlessly framing the face and lending a unique flair even to minimalist outfits. Whether it's for your daily office attire or a lavish evening dress, they promise an exquisite touch. Furthermore, they stand out as a sophisticated choice for a contemporary bride aiming to add a hint of opulence on her grand day.

While every piece is meticulously crafted on a standard base, each remains distinctive and unparalleled in its charm. Boasting an outer diameter of approximately 25mm and chain lengths around 75mm, these earrings are striking on their own. Yet, their beauty is further amplified when teamed with other Youkali treasures, such as a headband, hair comb, or hairpin adorned with chains and white howlite beads.

Chain and white howlite earrings

  • You can return your item within 30 days from receiving the purchase. The returned item must not be worn and must be packaged in the original signature box.

    The shipping cost is covered by the customer. 

    Personalised or customised orders can't be returned.