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Achieve a look that’s utterly enchanting with these earrings, designed to appear as if you’ve plucked them straight from the pages of Vogue. Drawing inspiration from the sophisticated style of the 1960s, they feature clusters of natural white howlite beads, which resemble delicate, white marble, creating a distinctive and organic shape. They pair harmoniously with other white howlite accessories in my collection, such as headbands or bracelets.

Whether complementing a sleek modern wedding dress, a lace gown reminiscent of Kate Middleton’s style, or even a stylish bridal pantsuit, these earrings add a chic touch. They make a thoughtful gift for a future spouse, or a cherished keepsake that can be worn on many occasions. Ideal not only for the bride but also for bridesmaids, maid of honour, or a flower girl.

While pearls are often thought to symbolize tears, let these be tears of joy and bliss! Indulge in a piece of jewellery that is sustainably made, meticulously crafted, and ethical, adding a touch of elegance to your memorable moments.

Howlite cluster stud earrings

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